Permanent Disability

Specialized Legal Support for Permanent Disability Claims in Florida

Workplace accidents in Florida can have devastating consequences for families, causing not only physical pain but also emotional trauma, mental distress, and financial hardship due to lost wages. While Florida residents are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for workplace injuries, the reality is that claims are often undervalued or denied by employers and insurers.


At Jorgensen Law, P.A., we are committed to ensuring that those entitled to temporary total disability or permanent total disability benefits receive the full compensation they deserve.

Maximizing Your Compensation with Expert Representation

Understanding the complexities of your case, we meticulously gather and present evidence to build a strong claim. Utilizing vocational and medical experts, we demonstrate the full extent of your injuries to negotiate fair and prompt settlements with insurance companies. Our trial attorneys are ready to assertively represent your interests in court if necessary.

Guiding You Through Temporary and Permanent Disability Claims

If your workplace injury temporarily prevents you from performing your job, we will assist in securing temporary total disability benefits until you can return to work. For those partially disabled by a workplace accident, we strive to obtain permanent partial disability benefits, ensuring you are compensated even if you can work in a different capacity.


For severe cases where returning to any job is impossible, our team will vigorously fight for your right to permanent total disability benefits.

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Learn more about how we can help you secure your temporary or permanent disability benefits. To discuss your case with one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in St Petersburg or elsewhere in Florida, schedule a free consultation today.

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